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2024-06-12Taiwan’s Only Selected City: Taoyuan Achieves A-List City Status in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
2024-06-05Next Level Taiwan-US Hip-Hop Night: Mayor Chang Commends Taoyuan’s Vitality
2024-05-0123 Events Kick Off for Taoyuan Indigenous People’s Harvest Festival and Annual Rituals, Mayor Chang Invites Everyone to Experience Indigenous Culture
2024-04-08The 2024 Junior Chamber International World Congress is in Taoyuan, and Mayor Chang hopes to strengthen cooperation in the technology industry and youth entrepreneurship
2024-03-19Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-Jiuh led a delegation to Singapore for investment promotion
2024-02-26The 2024 Taoyuan Lupinus Festival will kick off on Feb 24. Deputy Mayor Su invited visitors to Longtan to enjoy the flowers and immerse themselves in literature
2024-01-31ProLogium’s first global Solid-state Lithium Ceramic Battery Gigafactory was inaugurated. Mayor Chang: Taoyuan offers ample space for industries to flourish.
2024-01-31Taoyuan’s first “THack Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”: 10 start-up teams were awarded. Mayor Chang: Establishing a cooperative model for start-ups to promote smart city development.
2024-01-04Mayor Chang attends the anniversary press conference of his inauguration, outlining four major visions to transform Taoyuan into a comprehensive international city.
2023-12-20Taoyuan City government signed a memorandum of cooperation on “Biobank”—Deputy Mayor Wang: Enhancing academic research through expanded lung cancer screening data.Planning Section
2023-12-20Deputy Mayor Wang attended to witness a traditional Vietnamese wedding and the establishment of the Department of Women and Children, enhancing the care for new immigrants.Planning Section
2023-12-12Taoyuan City joined hands with 43 excellent units to maintain the air quality. Mayor Chang looks forward to the common goal—2050 Net Zero Emissions.Planning Section
2023-12-05Protecting food safety! Taoyuan City takes the lead nationwide in promoting the “One Food Safety Volunteer in One Enterprise” program, advising 119 companies to enhance meal hygiene.Planning Section
2023-11-30Taoyuan City Government provides “Maternal Psychological Counseling Subsidy” to assist over 900 new mothers in embracing the joy of newborns.Planning Section
2023-11-242023 Taoyuan FuturePeak (TFP): Taoyuan Youth Startup Expo Debuts, Showcasing Creativity of 120 Young Startup Teams from Seven Cities and Counties in Northern Taiwan.Planning Section
2023-11-16Chiba Prefecture Governor Toshihito Kumagai and his delegation visit Taoyuan Mayor Chang: Strengthen existing exchanges, expand cooperation in smart cities and tourismPlanning Section
2023-11-01Taoyuan has won the “Sustainable City Excellence Award” and the “Economy Special Outstanding Award,” according to Business Today. Mayor Chang: Striving to balance economic development and environmental sustainability.Planning Section
2023-11-01“Investment in Taoyuan Promotion Forum” attracts corporations. Mayor Chang: Assisting corporations in transformation and strengthening competitiveness.Planning Section
2023-10-17Mayor Chang’s Administrative Report:Building a Dazzling Taoyuan in Six Major AreasPlanning Section
2023-10-05Taoyuan City Government, Farglory Free Trade Zone Investment Holding Co., Ltd., and Taoyuan Aerotropolis Co., Ltd. sign MOU to jointly promote the “Aerotropolis Free Trade Zone” for Joint Investment SolicitationPlanning Section