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I. Governance of Zheng Family (1660): Zheng Cheng-Gong defeated Dutch people and

occupied Taiwan. Current Taoyuan was included in Tianxing County.

II. Qing Dynasty: Taoyuan was included in Zhuluo County (1683-1723), Changhua County

(1724-1731), Tamsui Hall (1732-1784), and Tamsui and Hsinchu County (1875-1895) in sequence.

III. Japanese reign

  1. The administrative institutes in this area changed for 3 times (Taipei County, Taoyuan Hall, Hsinchu State). Internal domains were re-divided for 6 times. The name of the hall was changed one time (renamed from Taozhiyuan Hall to Taoyuan Hall).
  2. This place became an independent administrative unit when it was established as a Hall.
  3. From the implementation of state system to the recovery of Taiwan from Japanese reign,the county had 3 townships: Zhongli, Taoyuan, and Daqi.

IV. 1946-1950

  1. Taoyuan area was included in Hsinchu County on January 11 th , 1946.
  2. Taiwan Province’s County Government and District Office Organization Regulation was launched on August 29 th , 1946. Taoyuan County had 2 second level district offices: Zhongli and Taoyuan, 1 third level district office: Daqi.
  3. Since 1947, Taoyuan District Office was revoked, and all townships under the district were governed by the county government. In October, 1948, each county and city’s administrative areas were adjusted for implementing local self-government.

V. The 1950s to 1970s

  1. The establishment of the county government was set up according to the “Taiwan Province’s County (City) Government Organization Principles” launched in 1951.
  2. The government amended the principles on June 8 th , 1973 and simplified the first level units in county and city government.

VI. The 1980s

The “Taiwan Province’s County and City Government Organization Principles” were launched on June 30 th , 1981. The post-adjustment country organization included Secretary Office, Civil Affairs Bureau, Economic Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau, Education Bureau, Public Housing Bureau, Agriculture Bureau, Land Administration Section, Social Affairs Section, Military Service Section, Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Department of Personnel, and Department of Program. Attached units included 3 main institutes: Police Bureau, Revenue Service Office, and Public Health Bureau; 40 county junior high schools, 141 county elementary schools, 4 Land Offices, a county stadium, a Martyr’s Shrine, a library, and a tuberculosis prevention center.

VII. The late 1980s to the late 1990s

Labor Section was established on 1988, and Environmental Protection Bureau was established in 1990. The population in Taoyuan County exceeded 1.5 million in 1995, so parts of county government units were reformed.

VIII. The late 1990s to the 2000s

  1. In 2000, the county government included 19 subordinate units and several attached unitssuch as Transportation Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Police Bureau, FireBureau, Revenue Service Office, Cultural Affairs Bureau, and Public Health Bureau.
  2. In 2003, the county government added Economic Development Bureau, Water ResourcesBureau, Tourism Promotion Bureau, and Research and Development Office; Departmentof Program, Public Information Office, Economic Affairs Bureau, and Military Service Bureau were revoked; the original Agriculture Bureau was reformed to Agricultural Development Bureau, and the original Labor Bureau was reformed to Labor and Human Resources Bureau.

IX. The county government was upgraded to Taoyuan City Government (municipality) on 

December 25 th , 2014.