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Announcement of the Opening up of the Information on Taoyuan City Government and its Affiliated Authorities’ Websites

1. Measure and Scope of License

For the benefit of people from all walks of life to make full use of website’s information, all the information and materials published on Taoyuan City Government and its affiliated authorities’ websites, subject to the scope of copyright protection, may be provided for public use by granting a free, non-exclusive license with the right to sublicense. Users may, without limitation of time and region, reproduce, adapt, compile, publicly transmit or use in other manner, develop any product or service (hereinafter referred to as "Value-Added Derivatives"). Such act of license will not be withdrawn afterward, and the user does not need to obtain the written license or any other measures of license of the Authorities; However, while using, the citation shall be clearly stated.

2. Description of Relevant Items:

  • The scope of this license is limited to the protection scope of copyrights and does not apply to other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the providing of patent, trademark and the mark of authorities.
  • Whether the information made public by the Party himself/herself or publicized legally may be collected, processed, or used, the user shall plan and execute legally demanded measures in accordance with the relevant regulation of Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Part of video and audio, graphics, sheet music, written work for specific project by specific person or other works, which is specifically declared by the authority that it may only be used upon consent.

3. Shall be careful not to infringe any third party’s moral right of work (including name indication right and prohibiting improper change)

4. While using the information the materials provided by this license, relevant information shall not be maliciously changed. If any presented information is not consistent with the original information and materials after using, the user shall take any civil liability and criminal liability himself/herself.

5. The license of the website does not grant any user the identity to advise, recognize or agree its value-added derivatives on behalf of the authority.