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Taoyuan Selected as one of the Top 50 Smart Technology Cities in the World, Sole Recipient of Dual Awards in Asia

  • Release Unit:Planning Section
  • Release Date:2023-06-02
  • Mayor Chang, Director Liu Chen-Wuing of the Department of Water Resources, and Director Chen Shih-Wei of the Department of Environmental Protection took a photo together.

Taoyuan Mayor Chang San-Cheng presided over a community meeting this morning (May 31) to receive the prestigious “Smart 50 Awards” from the U.S. Smart Cities Connect organization. Mayor Chang expressed his gratitude as the awards were presented to Taoyuan's Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Water Resources for their outstanding projects. The Department of Environmental Protection presented its entry entitled “The Governance of Air Quality in Taoyuan Industrial Parks by IoT Air Quality Platform”, while the Department of Water Resources presented its project entitled “Taoyuan City Water Resources 3D Geographic Information Management System”. The Smart 50 Awards Ceremony was held on May 15, 2023, and Taoyuan's submissions stood out against fierce competition, securing a place among the top 50 smart technology cities. A delegation led by Deputy Secretary-General Chin Chih-Yu represented the city and traveled to Denver, Colorado, in the United States to receive the awards. It is worth noting that Taoyuan is the only city in Asia to receive two awards, making this recognition truly exceptional. This achievement marks a remarkable milestone for the city and serves as a promising beginning. Mayor Chang expressed his gratitude for the dedicated efforts of the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Water Resources in implementing smart monitoring equipment.

Mayor Chang explained that the Department of Environmental Protection introduced AI-based equipment for smoke detection in January this year. By utilizing artificial intelligence learning models, industrial factories in the area are now being monitored in real-time, with 19 smokestacks currently under surveillance. When the AI system detects abnormal smoke emissions from a factory, it immediately sends a message to the monitoring center. The center then dispatches inspectors electronically, reducing the burden on manpower. Additionally, the Department of Water Resources utilizes AI technology to identify any issues such as underground pipeline crossings or obstacles before construction begins. This allows for the automatic planning of the optimal location and depth, avoiding interference with other pipelines. Consequently, construction time is significantly reduced, and the risk of encountering obstacles during construction is minimized, ensuring the smooth completion of the sewer system.

Mayor Chang mentioned that the municipal team went to receive awards and also engaged in smart city exchanges with the Denver City government. They believe that many of the policies are worth considering for Taoyuan. In addition to the award-winning Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Water Resources, other units such as the Department of Transportation have also achieved significant results in the field of smart cities in recent years. The municipal government will gradually expand the scale of promoting “Smart Taoyuan” and encourage more departments to continue their efforts and strive for excellence. They look forward to seeing more outstanding achievements.