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Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-Jiuh led a delegation to Singapore for investment promotion

  • Release Date:2024-03-19
  • The city government visited the GE research center.

Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-Jiuh led a delegation to Singapore from March 11 to 15 for a five-day investment promotion visit.

During the visit, the delegation toured the General Electric Company (GE) maintenance and research center, where they discussed setting up a maintenance center in Taoyuan and explored potential investment cooperation projects. Deputy Mayor Wang stated that Taoyuan has advantages in transportation, with its airport, and in talent, with institutions like National Central University. The city also boasts a significant number of precision manufacturing industries. Additionally, several units at the Taoyuan Datan Power Plant are equipped with GE’s latest HA-class gas turbines, making Taoyuan an ideal location for GE to establish a new maintenance center. GE Asia CFO Parick and GRSS General Manager Hung Chi-Hua expressed that Taiwan is an essential customer for GE, and the group attaches great importance to the Taiwanese market. They appreciated the Taoyuan City government’s support and facilitation and saw it as a valuable opportunity for GE. Both sides expressed high confidence and expectations for future cooperation.

The Taoyuan City government team also visited YCH Group, Singapore’s most significant local supply chain solutions company. YCH Group Executive Chairman, Dr. Robert Yap, stated they would assist Taoyuan companies in advancing into the Southeast Asian and Indian markets in line with the New Southbound Policy and provide training services in intelligent logistics and supply chain management.

The primary purpose of the Taoyuan City government’s visit this time was to discuss and exchange ideas on four major topics: supply chain resilience, MICE, digital twinning, and precision machinery industry. They introduced Taoyuan City’s development to Singaporean companies and overseas Taiwanese businesspeople, hoping to create commercial interactions between Taiwan and Singapore, encourage enterprises to invest in Taoyuan City’s industrial construction, and promote cooperation between local businesses and Singapore. They aim to collaborate with various sectors in Singapore, promote innovative technologies, explore overseas markets, drive research and development and transformation of Taoyuan enterprises, and create more cross-border, cross-domain cooperation opportunities.