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Except for mountain areas in the southeast part, Taoyuan City belongs to subtropical monsoon climate.

The weather of Taoyuan City is most influenced by the northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon. Northeast monsoon starts in the late October and ends in March the next year, it often contains strong wind and low temperature. Southwest monsoon starts in May and ends in September, the wind is much weaker and the weather is cloudless but there are still afternoon thunderstorms. Typhoons normally appear from July to September. However, due to geological factors, Taoyuan City is one of the two cities, including Taichung, which is not seriously affected by the typhoon.

 The average annual rainfall is between 1500 to 2000 mm (mountain area: 2000 to 4000 mm), which changes between seasons. However, winter appears to have more raining days. When the Pacific High is strong, there will be two months of summer drought. The average temperatures are about 29°C in summer and 16°C in winter. The lowest winter temperature in Taiwan usually happens in coastal area in Xin Wu District in Taoyuan City and the average humidity level is around 89%.