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In Taoyuan City Government's 2023 Lunar New Year Mass Greeting, Mayor Chang encouraged the City Government team to work hard to make the city more satisfied for the citizens

  • Release Unit:Planning Section
  • Release Date:2023-02-03
  • Mayor Chang greeted members of each bureau and department

Taoyuan Mayor Chang Shan-Cheng attended the Taoyuan City Government's 2023 Lunar New Year Mass Greeting on the morning of January 30. Mayor Chang said that the City Government held a New Year's greeting today, hoping that all members can give full play to their strengths after the start of work and be as energetic as the rabbit leaping for a new journey in the Year of the Rabbit. In this year, the City Government team will work together to make Taoyuan different and more enjoyable for the citizens.

Mayor Chang thanked the Taoyuan City Council for successfully passing the general budget at the end of last year (2022), so that his various proposals could be implemented this year (2023), including the promotion of free nutritional lunch in the City's elementary and junior high schools, free tuition for 5-year-olds, and holiday bonus for the elderly. He expressed his gratitude to the Taoyuan City Council for their support, allowing the City Government team to gradually gain a firm foothold in the City Government, and allowing the public to understand that a responsive administration is not a castle in the air, but can be implemented one by one.

Mayor Chang emphasized that the City Government team has more medium and long-term policies to promote one by one in the future, and that it will also face more challenges, including the quality of public works, the MRT opening on schedule, and reversing the notorious reputation of being a “tourist desert.” He encouraged the City Government team to work together and face the challenges, and to continue to promote the development of transportation, tourism, agriculture and industry in Taoyuan, so that the city can move further forward. Mayor Chang mentioned that as the saying goes, “Be still as water and move as a rabbit,” he looked forward to a new year in which all the City's bureaus and departments would work harder in their respective positions and take their work to a higher level. In the coming year, it is expected that the city of Taoyuan will flourish and make the citizens feel more satisfied.